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Conrail Frankfort Secondary

Lebanon - Logansport

Southern Region, Southwest Division Timetable No. 2

Effective 1:01AM EST, 12:01AM CST

Sunday, Decenber 13, 1981


Int. Interlocking Station Block Station

Train Order Station

Block Limit Station STATIONS Mile Post Number

Siding Direction

E,W,N,S, or Both & Length in feet

        Lebanon 31.6   Connection to Lafayette Secondary
      X Boone 31.6  


Controlled by Woods

        Regan 41.8    
      X Frank 48.1 S6100-B6500 Controlled by Woods, L&N Crosses
        Frankfort N&W Crossing 78.3    
        Frankfort 78.6    
        Sedalia 87.9    
        Cutler 92.2    
        Bringhurst 95.6 B5200  
        Flora 97.0    
        Camden 101.3    
    X   CY 109.1  


Remote Controlled from Van

XO       Clymers 109.2 B7500

Automatic Interlocking

N&W Crossing

        Long Cliff 113.3    
X X X   Van 114.4  


Connection to Main Line - Columbus to Chicago

        Logansport 115.5    


Mile Post Numbers between Lebanon & Frank measure from indianapolis and between Frankfort and Logansport measure from Terre Haute.

1: BOONE BLS - For Northward movements only.

2: CY - Remote Block Station for Southward trains only, controlled by Van.

3: Road Radio Channel 1 in service.