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Roachdale IN

Monon Subdivision

Milepost Q162.2

Decatur Subdivision

Milepost 159.8


Looking North from north end of Roachdale siding

From left to right: North end of siding, Main, Connection Track to ICM Grain Facilities

East side of Station. At the north corner was the bay window shared by Monon & B&O agents.

Open door of Roachdale Station, B&O side. Note number above door.

ICM Grain Track (ex-CSX Cincinatti Division, Decatur Sub., former B&O Decatur Division).

North side of Station, looking west along the abandoned roadbed of the Decatur Sub.

Signal msat still standing east of Roachdale. If you look closely, you can see the beginning of the ICN Grain track on the other side of the road crossing.