Conrail Avon Yard

(Big Four Yard)

Avon, IN



The fuel pad at the engine servicing facility. (Photo care of Bob Halgarth)

Conrail 5010 parked at the engine facility (Photo care of Bob Halgarth)

Looking eastbound into the departure yard

Avon switchers pushing a train over the hump

Closeup of a hand-thrown switch

Looking westbound out of the yard. In the distance are the signals for CP AN

Yard switchers pulling behind the fuel stands

A view of the fuel pad

An automatic switch located at the west end of the yard

Tower 1

Where I go to watch my trains, 300E. (Pontiac Rd. to the train crews) in Danville. This is where trains stop when there is a backup in Avon Yard

Renumbered SD-38 & MT-6 puller set in the Depature Yard. (NEW!)

Conrail crane working on switch in front of Tower 2. (NEW!)