CSX Transportation

Nashville Service Lane, Monon Subdivision

Maynard - McDoel


Station Pages

CSX Transportation Chicago Division Timetable No. 4 (Effective Sunday, May 1, 1994)

CSX Transportation Chicago Division Timetable No. 2 (Effective Sunday, October 25, 1987)

Photos from sites not on the timetable:


Crawfordsville Station (now a maintaner's base)

Hi-railer truck parked at the station

Burro Crane parked at station siding

Semaphore Signals in Crawfordsville

CSX (Conrail) Tie Handler 3018 at Crawfordsville Station, 1999

CSX Weed Cutter 2053 at Crawfordsville Station, 1999


Trackside of Bainbridge Station

Back of Bainbridge Station

Looking southbound from the station

A bridge north of Bainbridge still painted for the Monon

A pair of semophores north of Bainbridge


Looking south on the main from the road crossing at Lone Star Cement

Looking south from the site of the old PRR Limedale Tower (The tower's foundation is just seen to the lower right)

Old Monon trackage coming into the Lone Star Cement Plant