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This page is dedicated to providing railroad information from the central Indiana area. This page was made in the attempt that it may lead to information exchange & a greater availability of information about a concentrated rail area.

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Arriving on Track 1.... What's New

Connecting Lines

St. Louis Line

Indianapolis Line

Pekin Branch & Pekin Secondary/Crawfordsville Branch

I&F Branch/Frankfort Secondary

Belt Railway of Indianapolis

Main Line: Davis - Lenox / Greencastle Branch/Limedale Secondary (RIP 1982)

Gadsden Secondary (RIP 1982)

Hunter Secondary

Lafayette Branch/Lafayette Secondary

Danville Secondary

Peoria & Eastern Railway

Main Line - Pittsburgh To St. Louis / Greencastle Branch

Crawfordsville Secondary Track

New York Central System

Peoria & Eastern

Main Line - Cincinnati to Kankakee


Pennsylvania Railroad

Southwestern Division St. Louis Main

I&F Branch

Crawfordsville Secondary Track

Monon Subdivision

Decatur Subdivision

Hamilton Subdivision

Decatur Subdivision

Hamilton Subdivision

Miami Subdivision

Wabash Subdivision

Monon Railroad

B&O Railroad

Norfolk & Western

Peru to Decatur



Peoria District

Charleston District

Lafayette District

Frankfort District


Kankakee, Beaverville, & Southern


Maps of Indianapolis Area Trackage

Railroad Frequencies


Sound Wave Files

Downloadable Forms

Avon Yard News

Assorted Pictures

The Railroad Photography of E.J. Caylor

Railroad Photos of Rhode Island

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